A Dermatoglyphics Multi-Intelligence Test Company in Patna, Bihar.

Kyit Services  is dedicated to developing and providing the best computer assisted behavioral and medical biometric assessment , profiling and diagnostic aids based on the study of Dermatoglyphics. 


The DMIT test is the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test and is a scientifically and medically proven method of revealing intelligence, inborn skills, talents and potential. When the DMIT is applied to children, it is an excellent tool for parents in that knowing what their child’s innate abilities, naturally occurring brain activity and ultimately their overall potential are, they can then more effectively foster and support their children’s natural talents with nearly pinpoint accuracy. This is not just a theory; it’s been proven and actually used in Chinese science and medicine for centuries.

It has various uses, including:

  1. Selecting the right Education Board.
  2. Understanding the right learning style and effective study pattern
  3. Subject Selection & Stream selection
  4. Career Guidance and professional success
  5. Understanding the child’s personality and the parenting style
  6. Exploring the analytical and creative mind
  7. Utilizing the time and energy to empower the strengths and work on the weaknesses


From 0-3 years of age, the emotional bend of the child starts to grow quickly. Knowing a child’s potential at an early age helps parents in making smart and easy decisions on parenting styles and educational methods.As an infant moves into toddlerhood, he learns new ways of life which help him to expand his horizons. With our DMIT-R one understands his or her hidden potential and talents.


  • Know your and your child innate characteristics
  • Know your Childs learning style or ability
  • Discover your child’s inborn talent and potential
  • Self-evaluation test for Adults
  • Know the compatibility with your spouse and business partner
  • Facilitate efficient communication and effectiveness at work
  • Have detailed comparison between left and right brain hemispheres
  • Know distribution of multiple intelligences
  • Innate personalities and characteristics
  • Preferred learning style
  • Select your subject stream
  • Activities Selection
  • Career Selection